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The beaches of Porto Azzurro

Mola Beach – DOG BEACH

For animal lovers, Porto Azzurro offers visitors a beach for four-legged friends in the characteristic Gulf of Mola, near the “marina di mola” shipyard. Although not among the most renowned areas, there are excellent facilities for spending a pleasant day at the beach and ample free parking.

La Pianotta Beach

The main beach of the town is La Pianotta, which can be reached along the enchanting Paride Adami seafront, near the marina. This shingle beach has no facilities but is an excellent place for those who prefer to travel short distances and stay close the main services. Despite being very popular, the beach also has comfortable rocks on the left-hand side for sun-bathing in peace and quiet, enjoying the sight of crystal clear water and views across to the beach of Naregno near Capoliveri.

La Rossa Beach

Quite a small beach, which you can see as soon as you arrive in Porto Azzurro. It is made up of fine sand and shingle and there are free beach facilities made available by the Municipality of Porto Azzurro. In the immediate vicinity there are boat rental, sailing school and youth rowing facilities.

Barbarossa Beach

Carmignani Walk leads to the beach of Barbarossa, where you can enjoy a wonderful view. Just one kilometre from Porto Azzurro and very popular during the summer, this is the largest beach in the area and is situated in a small bay of sand and dark shingle. Suitable for those who enjoy their creature comforts, close to the beach there are bars, restaurants, campsites and a diving school that is especially popular with German visitors. Unlike the other beaches, Barbarossa has two bathing establishments. Apart from going on foot, for the less active the beach is accessible via a beach bus service or by car along the provincial road to Rio Marina.

Beaches: Reale – Miniera di Terranera – Laghetto di Terranera – Capobianco

One of the most interesting beaches is Reale beach and the option of walking to the famous Terranera lake, accessible only on foot. Reale beach is 2 km from the town and can be reached by car or by sea bus. There are also services such as a beach establishment, bar, restaurant and a small campsite. The beach is a mix of sand and shingle and is popular with geologists, naturalists and snorkellers. Located in the Valle di Reale, its particular formation is due to the proximity of the old mine workings. Elba is rich in many varieties of minerals and the mines of Terranera and Capobianco are one kilometre away from each other. Capobianco mine takes its name from limonite, a mineral that was mined in the past. Terranera mine can be reached on foot from Reale beach. Here, the miners used to extract pyrite, haematite and magnetite, some of the most typical minerals found on Elba.

The little lake, Laghetto di Terranera, formed in the old mine workings, has an extraordinary blue-green colour, caused by the sulphur content in the water, and is separated from the sea by a thin strip of land. Terranera (black land) beach owes its name to the black colour of the soil caused by its magnetite, haematite and pyrite content. Its colours give life to an evocative play of light, which lends a surreal atmosphere to this delightful spot.